Addiction Services

Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment

PURPOSE: To help individuals and families suffering from the effects of substance abuse or dependence. The goals are recovery of physical, mental, emotional, social, work, family, and spiritual functioning.

PROCEDURE: A thorough assessment is completed focusing on all life areas impacted by substance abuse. A treatment plan is developed to address the abuse, and relapse prevention services are provided. Individual, group and family sessions may be utilized.

FEES: $80.00 per hour. Fees are adjustable based on a sliding fee scale according to income and number of dependents living in the home. Individuals at or below the federal poverty level may qualify to be treated with funding from Addiction and Prevention Services.

ACCESS/REFERRAL: Persons may be self referred, court referred or referred from another agency.

CONTACT PERSONS TITLE: Substance Abuse Services Coordinator

CONTACT PERSONS PHONE NUMBER: Riverton (620) 848-2300, Columbus (620) 429-1860