Parenting Services

Parenting in Divorce

PURPOSE: To reduce parental conflict around co-parenting after divorce and the subsequent negative consequences to children. Classes are for the parents and the focus is on ways divorce can impact children emotionally and psychologically. Parents receive specific information and solutions that can be used to reduce conflict and the potentially negative effects divorce may have on children. Classes are two and one half hours in length and include lecture, educational videos, and PID packets for each participant.

PROCEDURE: This class is mandated by the courts in the 11th Judicial District for divorcing parents that have young children in the home. Parents contact the ADSAP office to schedule their individual class. Parents must attend separately.

FEES: $30.00 per parent, paid at the time of the class.

ACCESS/REFERRAL: Referrals are from the 11th Judicial District and attorneys. Call the ADSAP office to schedule for a class. Classes alternate between Columbus, Pittsburg and Oswego with day and evening classes available.

CONTACT: ADSAP Office at (620)232-9100

Parent Support Services

PURPOSE: Parent Support is provided to assist parents/guardians of children on the SED waiver program to manage the many stresses involved in that role, and to access resources needed for their child to be able to function in the family and society.

PROCEDURE: Parents/guardians whose children are on the SED waiverat Spring River Mental Health & Wellness will meet with the Parent Support Specialist to get assistance in obtaining these services and to identify other resources and support they may need. The Parent Support Specialist may also assist families in identifying and removing barriers to getting their child’s service needs met. The Parent Support Specialist will also develop and maintain parent support groups that are readily available to parents and guardians.

FEES: Fees are reimbursed by Medicaid for those children on the HCBS SED waiver.

ACCESS/REFERRAL: Parents/guardians of children on the SED waiver may request these services at any time during the duration of their child’s treatment.

CONTACT PERSONS TITLE: Parent Support Specialist

CONTACT PERSONS PHONE NUMBER: Riverton (620) 848-2300, Columbus (620) 429-1860

Parent Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT)

PURPOSE: To help parents of children with behavior disorders to improve their relationship with the child, improve the child’s self-esteem, improve their child’s attention and compliance to instructions and provide effective discipline.

PROCEDURE: A specially trained licensed therapist teaches parents a research-based Behavior Management Program. Then the parent and the child are provided a room, a table and toys and the parent is equipped with a hearing-aid-size radio receiver. In an observation room with a one-way mirror and a transmitter, the therapist observes the progress of the parent and child and coaches the parent until they have mastered the Behavior Management Program. Parents are taught:

1) how to use play to develop and maintain positive parent-child relationships while making the child want to mind

2) how to use labeled praise to help a child think of himself or herself as loved, respected and good

3) how to use distraction to stop negative behavior

4) how to use strategic ignoring to change negative behaviors into positive ones

5) how to use when-then statements to get children to comply with requests

6) how to get children to stop trying to argue parents out of something by using the broken record technique

7) how to use time out as an effective disciplinary tool when needed

FEES: $80.00/hr (approximately 14 hours). Insurance, Medicaid and Healthwave reimbursement are accepted. Otherwise, fees are adjustable based on a sliding fee scale according to income and number of dependents living in the home.

ACCESS/REFERRAL: Call Riverton or Columbus office and ask for the service by name – Parent Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT)

CONTACT PERSONS PHONE NUMBER: Riverton (620) 848-2300, Columbus (620) 429-1860