Children’s Services

Child/Adolescent Case Management

PURPOSE: To work in the home and community to assist children/adolescents and families of children/adolescents with serious emotional disorders (SED) to remain in their home community and to participate in society. A case manager’s role includes assisting in the accomplishment of the child/adolescent’s treatment plan by helping to remove barriers to recovery, accessing resources and services and teaching social and other recovery skills.

PROCEDURE: Case managers assess an individual’s and family’s strengths and needs in relation to skills, supports and resources required to get into and maintain recovery. This information is brought to the treatment team and integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan. The case manager then works with the individual and the individual’s family or significant others to accomplish the part of the plan dealing with skill training, resource acquisition and advocacy for and coordination of services.

FEES: State grants, Medicaid and Healthwave reimburse these services for indigent individuals that meet the state of Kansas criteria for an SED child or adolescent. Otherwise, fees are adjustable based on a sliding fee scale according to income and number of dependents living in the home.

ACCESS/REFERRAL: Children and adolescent residents of Cherokee County Kansas that meet Kansas state criteria for SED can access case management services through their licensed professional therapist and treatment team.

CONTACT PHONE NUMBER: Riverton (620) 848-2300, Columbus (620) 429-1860

Head Start Consultation Services

PURPOSE: To enable Head Start/Birth to Five Programs to quickly access a full range of community mental health services for the children and families they serve. Services include consultation, education and support for staff and parents, mental health assessments, treatment planning, and office or home based therapy.

PROCEDURE: Designated licensed mental health staff will provide Second Step Anti-Violence Curriculum Lessons to children and their parents. Staff will also provide one hour of consultation per month for each identified classroom, attend regular parent training sessions, and attend group socializations for Early Head Start. Staff will also be available to observe children in the classroom and to make verbal and written recommendations for behavior management to Head Start staff. Identified at risk children and families will be referred for additional services by either mental health or Head Start staff as needed.

FEES: Fees are covered by a contract between SEK-CAP Head Start and Spring River Mental Health & Wellness, Inc.

ACCESS/REFERRAL: Individuals and families that wish to access services through Head Start should contact their Head Start Service Provider or the Early Childhood Specialist at Spring River Mental Health & Wellness.

CONTACT PHONE NUMBERS: Head Start (620) 724-8204 Ext. 106, Spring River Mental Health & Wellness (620) 848-2300

Child/Adolescent Psychosocial Rehabilitation Group


PURPOSE: Psychosocial rehabilitation after-school and summer groups are research-based treatment programs designed specifically to instill attitudes and behaviors in young people with SED that will allow them to find their path to successful functioning within their primary social environments: family, school and peer groups.

PROCEDURE: In intensive after-school and summer groups Pathfinders are taught attitudes and behaviors that have been identified by parents, teachers and behavioral specialists as necessary for successful functioning in a young person’s critical social environments; family, school and peer groups. Positive attitudes and behaviors are instilled using learning theory, cognitive behavioral modification techniques, contingency management, and positive reinforcements in social situations that are similar to those found on their path to adulthood. Research and experience indicates that attitudes and behaviors learned and intensely reinforced for a significant amount of time in Spring River Mental Health & Wellness’s Psychosocial Rehabilitation Groups transfers to successful social skills in other important environments.

ACCESS/REFERRAL: Pathfinders is a part of an intensive treatment regimen for children and adolescents with SED with the cognitive ability to benefit from a fast-paced, learning intensive behavior management program. Individuals are referred to the program by therapists following an assessment and diagnostic work-up, stabilization and the development of a case management relationship. The Child/Adolescent Psychosocial Rehabilitation Supervisor accepts the referral based on admission criteria and availability of a slot within the appropriate group. The group facilitator will contact parents/guardians to provide program orientation and admission requirements. Once enrolled the new Pathfinder will attend group after school Monday through Friday and/or all day in the summer program. Transportation will be provided if needed. Parents and guardians are required to continue their child’s participation in therapy and case management and to assist in the development of an initial treatment plan and quarterly updates.

FEES: Psychosocial Rehabilitation Groups are reimbursed by Medicaid. Otherwise, fees are adjustable based on a sliding fee scale according to income and number of dependents living in the home.

CONTACT PERSON: Child or Adolescent’s Primary Therapist